The Arena

The Arena refers to the general sphere and space where actions take place in concert with our groups and collaborators. Those can be initiated by us–for example, The Bookists’ Lounge and the Translation Innovation Ensemble–or by others.

The Arena also allows the NWLL to forge new allies and partners, to fashion resources and bibliographies, to generate networks and collaborations. Again, all these happen in the world outside of the confines of this website, creating a rhizomatic web of connections and adventures.

There are many ways for interested parties to get involved. We have engaged over time in a number of these, from informal readings and discussions to interviews and deep dives in various settings. In all cases, you have to be sympathetic to overall outline/sketch of the New World Lit Lab perspective and vision. From there, the frameworks for exploration and the domains are aplenty–and they can happen through text, videos, recordings, sound, or fusions of media…

> Do an email or in-person convo

> Organize a lecture or a panel

> Organize a confab or workshop

> Organize a Deep Dive or let us know about a naturally occurring Deep Dive happening in a context you facilitate (like a course or seminar or studio)

> Explore how some of the NWLL domains are at play in your work or in a particular project or thread of inquiry/praxis

> Perform/read at a NWLL event

> Contribute to resources/bibliography