Convos & Confabs

The Convos + Confabs provide more informal opportunities to explore the ongoing relevance of the queries at the heart of The New World Lit Lab. Although they can also get more ‘serious’ (a ‘convo’ becomes an ‘interview’ and a ‘confab’ becomes a ‘think tank’), the overall idea is for various individuals, groups and entities to come into contact and explore (without excessive anxiety) themes and topics related to the NWLL’s obsessions. Correspondents’ Convos are another branch whereby those already involved can facilitate or instigate a convo or a confab–and link to their own work.

A lot of the convos are generated by me (Amir Parsa) but NWLL correspondents are welcome to engage in and print/post/publish convos or interviews. Any number of authors, students, faculty, colleagues can simply write and let us know they’d like to engage with another entity, and we’ll probably be for it, and link to it.

The Confabs constitute gatherings of interested parties, many of whom could be a core group, or just ‘regulars’. They are pretty loose with no particular agenda other than digging into areas of the NWLL. They could be regular or not, in person or in zoomlandia–or in alternate and/or secret hideaways.